Levente Lang - Saint Martin

Illustration, Package design

Illustrations for the Caribbeans

We strated partnering with a local entrepreneur from Saint Maarten island almos 4 years ago. The caribbean island known not only for its white sanded beaches but also for it’s short runway where airplanes flies so low that people fights to stand the blast on the beach – making it an attraction.

Since then we worked together on 3 projects keeping contatc via skype and e-mail only. The process went smoothly, the time delay caused no problems at all. We illustrated two maps with their attractions and their famous points of references for Pinel and for Saint Barthélemy islands.

Our favourite project was a souvenir gift, “100% Genuine Air” from the island. We draw the whole illustration from scratch and made it to a fun packaging. How fun is that? We really enjoyed it.

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